About Chad Drinkard

My journey as a jeweler began in 1998 behind the bench of a small family owned jewelry store in Charleston South Carolina. For two years at this position I was trained and mentored by several expert jewelers in traditional methods of jewelry repair and design. I realized my passion for the craft and by 2001 I started my own business in jewelry repair and design. Since then I have continued to advance my knowledge and skills in both traditional and modern methods of jewelry fabrication and I now specialize in custom jewelry creations.

I have studied under some of the world's most renowned artists in techniques such as wax carving, hand engraving and computer aided design methods. I view my craft as a form of art and I choose the most precious metals and gemstones as my canvas. My hope in each work of art is to reveal the labor behind each piece, incredible attention to detail, and the resulting beauty of each creation. I approach each creative work with the pursuit of perfection and I look forward to serving you in this cause.